My personal and professional path has long been defined by membership in the family of helping professions. I followed a brief career in Clinical Genetics by a 20+ year career as a Physician Assistant providing health care services and counseling to young people and their families. I have extensive training in both pediatrics and end-of-life care.

As I approached 50 years old, I chose to change professional direction. I returned to school and earned a doctorate in Mythology and Psychology and became certified as Personal and Executive Coach. The Connectedness of our human stories through the millennia has been the focus of my research and writing. Learning to live gracefully through the many twists and turns that life offers has been the focus of my own life for over 40 years. 

Now I work teaching courses in Mythology with an eye to understanding the myriad belief systems that inform our lives in our multicultural and dynamic environment! Additionally I offer individualized personal coaching for those who seek to enjoy life just a little bit more!